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Laptop is defined as a small portable personal computer that can be easily carried to any place by just folding shut which can later be opened up to use it as a computer. It mainly consists of alphanumeric keyboard, a thin LCD or LED screen. Ports are also provided for using input, output components as per the availability.
The technology has advanced thus building in the integrated webcams and microphones in it that can be easily connected to mobile. It depends on external power supply by an AC adapter or through internal battery. Its uses has now widespread and we an easily carry our work anywhere. School, colleges and offices are replacing desktops and even at homes. Surfing internet, playing games, doing educational work and for general use as entertainment it has vast list of benefits.
The drawback of its low capacity is also replaced now with additional hard disk and further work is going on to enhance its performance and upgradeability. It also adds some health problems and need to be considered with its proper use having proper space for working on it.